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Acrylic on Illustration Board


While I’m not the most organized person, I have managed to put together a nice collection of clippings, photos and such that I have labeled inspiration.  The pieces I choose are not ones I intend to paint, but more ones that evoke an emotional response. I have a mix that bring feelings of joy, loneliness, reverence, good and bad feelings that get the creative juices flowing.  I find they are especially useful on days when I’m not inclined to paint anything specific.  I just sift through them, letting the feelings wash over me, then go into the studio to paint.  In this way, I let the essence of the images inspire me.


New ebook and DVD!


A Walk Into Abstracts

I’m so excited!  I just received my copy of “A Walk Into Abstracts” by Sue St. John.  I am one of the artists featured on this DVD, also known as “How Did They Do That?”  Check it out at

CBAA Exhibit

It wasn’t long before I went in search of additional classes.  That process led me to the first of many art associations I now belong to.  The Central Brevard Art Association has been around since 1960 and offers classes in various mediums, monthly meetings with demonstrations, and art shows where their members show and compete.  I joined up and it wasn’t long before I started volunteering.  This is where my circle of friends began to grow.  Being a transplant, not having gone to school here or working here, I didn’t know anyone.  Now I rarely leave the house without running into someone I know.  I have a great big art family here!  Lots of friends to critique, show support, encourage and inspire.

And by the way, the arrangement (Ikebana) on the table is one I did using dried and live materials with two containers.

What happened?

One day, about ten years ago, I decided to take a watercolor class at the local library.  Just something to do…I thought.  How many times are our lives changed by a simple decision like that?  Random, seemingly minor decisions, made with no more than a casual thought.  I could not begin to imagine where it would take me.  Looking back, it was the beginning of everything (almost) that makes up my life as I know it today.