Painted paper collage on board

Paper apple

I spent this past weekend in a wonderful workshop taught by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson at Art Gallery of Viera.  By the end of the weekend, the classroom looked like there had been an explosion in a paper factory!  Elizabeth uses a vast array of papers that she has colored, stamped, spattered, etc. to create her breathtakingly beautiful artwork.
As you can see, I made the rookie mistake of not using source material for my drawing, and because of that, the perspective on my apple is off.  When will I learn that the practice pieces can  turn out very nice and are worth the effort to at least draw them right?  Anyway, I still like my little apple and learned so much from Elizabeth about how she makes her paper paintings so impressive.
If you notice the “grain” in the “wooden table”, that is from pieces of pattern paper.  The little diamond to the left of the apple is the obvious clue.  I think I’ll work on it some more and see if I can fix it up, but even if I don’t, I got so much out of the workshop, (and met some terrific new people) that I consider it a weekend well spent.