Better wait until closer to pick-up day

Nothing I can use here

When I began my new series of paintings last year, I started small.  I worked on 10″x10″ illustration boards which resulted in framed pieces where the image size was 9″x9″.   They have been very well received.  They have sold well and have been accepted into juried shows and even won an award.  All the while, it seemed everyone wanted to see bigger works.  So now I’m working on 20″x20″ canvases.   (I know, I know, that’s not very big either) I had to switch to canvas because illustration board bowed.  The new surface is not the issue, as I have done some of my small pieces on canvas.  (And they have sold well, too.)  The problem I encounter, unlike when I was painting watercolors and just used larger brushes to create larger works, is that it’s hard to translate the random tools I use, into a larger version.  Each item is unique, mostly salvaged from the trash.  So I guess it’s back to the trash to try to find larger items that will give me similar effects.  So, if you see me rummaging around in a trash can, please be kind and don’t laugh and point.