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Japanese Flower Arrangement

Ikebana adds elegance

Wanting to do something special for Chris Maslow’s solo exhibit “Still Motion” at Art Gallery of Viera, I wandered through my garden looking for inspiration.  What I found was a loropetalum in need of some pruning.  I cut quite a few  long branches and took them inside to soak (condition) in water.  I knew I had a container that was the perfect color match, so all I needed now was some flowers.  A quick trip to Publix and I had these lovely, large mums and a stunning color combination.
Japanese flower arranging is based on line and the key is simplicity.  Some thoughtful clipping resulted in this artful design that allows the water to show and leaves room “for the birds to fly through”.  Both of these aspects are highly desirable in the Sogetsu school.

CBAA Exhibit

It wasn’t long before I went in search of additional classes.  That process led me to the first of many art associations I now belong to.  The Central Brevard Art Association has been around since 1960 and offers classes in various mediums, monthly meetings with demonstrations, and art shows where their members show and compete.  I joined up and it wasn’t long before I started volunteering.  This is where my circle of friends began to grow.  Being a transplant, not having gone to school here or working here, I didn’t know anyone.  Now I rarely leave the house without running into someone I know.  I have a great big art family here!  Lots of friends to critique, show support, encourage and inspire.

And by the way, the arrangement (Ikebana) on the table is one I did using dried and live materials with two containers.